Woman's 'genius' revenge tactic wins over TikTok

Woman's 'genius' revenge tactic wins over TikTok. A TikTok user known as Kristina Makes Content stitched a video from @andpacker. He asked, "What's something that's incredibly immature that you will never stop doing”. Kristina revealed that since she and her ex broke up in 2016, she has been meticulously spamming his email. "My revenge comes in the form of email newsletters. If I'm in the airport and I need an email to give the airport to use the wifi, I give them his”. "If I want to read an article but they need an email, I'll send them his”. “Do I want to be updated about events and happenings within a company? Yes. Topics of interest? All of them," she said. She even appears to be getting away with the five-year scheme thus far. "And he doesn't know why. Not a clue," she said. "And I will literally never stop doing it”. People supported her near-harmless revenge. "This is absolute genius," one person wrote. "This is the most beautifully evil thing I have ever heard," someone said. "This is my level of petty," another wrote