Woman's encounter with cashier takes surprisingly lighthearted turn

When people take to the internet to recall their encounters with others.it’s rarely good — but thankfully this woman is here to brighten your day.User e.squared shared her surprisingly uplifting conversation with a cashier in a video she posted to TikTok.“This man checked my ID because I was buying beer and says ‘Emily, that’s a really pretty name,'” she explained in the video.She said he then told her that he had been wondering “where all the single ladies have gone”.E.squared explained that she becamea bit irritated at this question, but waited for his response.“The next words out of your mouth had better be silence,” she said.“But the next words out of his mouth are, ‘But now I get it. They’re all just busy chasing you'”.E.squared dubbed the line the “greatest non-pickup line” she has ever heard — a “Shyamalan twist”.She explained that she was impressed by how he paid her a compliment.acknowledged her sexuality and how she likely would not be interested in him.but still implied that it didn’t matter and he wanted to compliment her anyway — all in one fell swoop

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