Woman's embarrassing moment with boss caught on camera: 'I would've put in my two weeks'

Charlotte Kozinets is a sales associate for the furniture company Monograph in California. During a video call with the CEO, things took a hilarious turn. Kozinets shared the footage on TikTok, where it earned over 1.9 million views. "Please watch my chair break while on a meeting with my CEO," the sales associate captioned the video. Kozinets was in the middle of discussing her off-duty plans when her chair broke mid-sentence. Kozinets creaky chair collapsed under her, then she fell to the ground and out of frame. The CEO looked totally unfazed, but Kozinets could be heard laughing hysterically. Her other co-workers on the Zoom also began to laugh as she popped back up with her glasses on crooked. She then made sure her coworker, Carl, had recorded the shocking moment. "Carl, are you recording this? The chair just broke," she said. "I desperately hope so... yeah, it's recorded," Carl joked back. TikTok users got a real kick out of Kozinets chair-turned-saboteur