Woman's elaborate lie has her fiancé questioning how far he'd go for love

Meeting your significant other’s parents can be nerve-racking, no matter what the situation is, but this is an entirely different level. A Reddit user, themeparkthroaway2, shared details about his unique situation to the website’s relationship advice forum. In the post, which went viral on Twitter, themeparkthroaway2 explains that he’s never met his fiancée’s parents, but she wanted to get “their blessing” before getting married. “She just told me that now they want to meet me … but she also said she told them I own a successful theme park and they want to meet me there”. He said her parents are big “theme park lovers,” so she lied to them to get them interested in the relationship. “My fiancée made up a bunch of insane stuff like it’s the third-best park in Ohio and it’s volcano-themed and the rollercoasters have food in them … She said she didn’t know what else to do”. He said the fact that the global pandemic shut down theme parks across the country gave them some time, but now they’re starting to wonder why they haven’t been invited to visit. He questioned whether he should meet them at the theme park or just give up and reveal that the whole thing was a lie. Commenters were shocked. “Man, sounds like a compulsive [liar]. You should be worried about what lies she has told you,” one Reddit user wrote. Others proposed a few humorous fixes for the admittedly strange situation. “I mean it’s a pandemic, you have time to make a papier-mâché volcano theme park right? It’s the new sourdough starter or banana bread,” a Twitter user wrote