Woman's Dedication to Saving a Wild Mouse Is So Pure

The normal response to seeing a wild mouse in your house is to scream, right? Well, that’s what we do at least! Maybe afterward you call an exterminator to take care of the mouse. But TikTok user @fixyourimages and her household do things a little differently.

In this clip, which has quickly gone viral with over 9.4 million views on the first day, the TikToker decided to save the wild mouse she found. The little mouse had severe hypothermia. So, she decided to revive her back to life. The result is SO cute!

Aww! How sweet is it that this TikToker took the time to care for this little baby? Not everyone would do that and that’s why everyone is so in love with this video. Plus, her message at the end is such a beautiful reminder – all creatures matter. That could be on a t-shirt!

We don’t know if we’ve ever seen a mouse this close before, but we’re obsessed! She’s just so cute. “Thank you for your kind heart!” said @groovymander. A million times thank you!

“Grew up with cats who loved to bring us gifts…the amount of mice we released back was insane. Humane mouse traps and old hamster cages!” wrote @pphoebetyler. That’s a great way to capture them and release them back into the wild so keep that in mind next time a little critter comes running across your floor!

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