Woman's boyfriend secretly 'unfriends dudes' from her Facebook account: 'Leave him!'

TikToker Zoe Hollibaugh discovered that her boyfriend had been signing into her Facebook account and was up to no good. "I was wondering why my Friends List kept going down every night," Hollibaugh wrote in the caption. "He is unfriending dudes while I'm asleep. He thinks he's slick" . Hollibaugh shared a screenshot of all of the people her boyfriend had unfriended. It revealed that he had removed dozens of men from her list. To discover his secret, she went into the Friends section of her activity log, which displayed all of her removed friends. It turns out he was no match for detective Hollibaugh. The hilarious (and slightly alarming) discovery received over 637,000 views on TikTok. "That's why you delete the activity too, amateurs," a user joked. "Let's hope my boyfriend doesn't figure this out," another said

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