Woman's Boyfriend Lets the Cat Pick Out His Food Each Day and We're Into It

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Why shouldn't he have a say?

Parents will be the first to tell you how difficult it is to cook for a picky eater. Or maybe you remember the stress you put on your parents when you wouldn't eat anything as a kid. On either side of the situation, you'll eventually learn that it's best to let the picky person decide what they would like to eat. Because in the end, it saves you from a lot of headaches. 

Turns out two parents learned this trick, but instead of letting a kid decide what to eat, they're leaving it up to their cat known on TikTok as @lowkeyloki345. LOL! Did anyone else know pets could be picky when it came to their food?! Watch and see what this cat dad does before feeding the little critter. It's SO cute and the perfect way to combat a picky eater. 

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LOL! This is beyond adorable. It's so sweet this cat dad even thought to give his fur baby a choice. "The fact he figured it out by randomly doing it one day is sooo cute," wrote @Viv Fox. Exactly! How this idea even came to him says so much about his character. It clearly shows he cares! 

"Wait, so you're telling me the key to getting my picky old lady to eat is to let her choose? 🤔 trying this," said @mandi_meff. Hey, it doesn't hurt to at least try this trick. What's the worst than can happen?! 

We're also LOLing at the look the cat gave to the person recording. @Sik0zen commented, "That look like, ‘See this? Mom? This is class’ 😂😂😂." She's had a taste of the good life and she wants everyone to know. Let's just hope these cat parents are ready to give her a choice every time she eats from now on. LOL!