Woman’s boyfriend claimed to be an FBI agent, but she felt something was off: 'I can’t answer that'

TikToker Jenna Jean (@jennajean8) shared the shocking story of how her boyfriend claimed to be an FBI agent — and why she started to suspect he was lying.

Jenna is a TikToker who thought she was dating an FBI agent, only to realize he was most likely lying about the whole thing. In a viral video that has logged more than 12 million views, Jenna shares the reasons she began to suspect her boyfriend was misleading her, and the shocking ways in which he would use his imaginary job as an FBI agent to keep secrets from her.

The video begins with Jenna sitting behind her laptop. On the screen is a slide that reads, “I dated an FBI agent for 6 months.” She clicks to the next slide, which reads, “Or did I?”

“Reasons why I think my ex-boyfriend lied about being an FBI agent,” Jenna says, launching into her story. “We met on Hinge, OK? Complete strangers. Within the first five minutes, he tells me he’s an FBI agent.”

In retrospect, Jenna claims this seemed like a strange thing to reveal on a first date.

“Everyone else we met, he’d be very vague, like, ‘I work for the government,’” Jenna shares. “And I said, ‘How come you told me on our first date that you were an FBI agent and you can’t tell other people?’ And he said, ‘Well, I knew I could trust you.’”

Next, Jenna shares that her boyfriend would use his job to keep secrets from her.

“If I had a dollar for every time I heard, ‘I can’t answer that,’” Jenna says. “I would literally say, ‘How was your day today?’ And he’d be like, ‘You know you can’t ask me about my work.’”

Not only that, but Jenna discovered her boyfriend didn’t have social media or friends she could meet. He claimed all his friends were away on secret FBI missions.

Jenna became increasingly suspicious over the course of the relationship, repeatedly catching her boyfriend in lies. Ultimately, the two split up when Jenna’s boyfriend claimed he had to move to Washington, D.C., for FBI training.

In a second video, Jenna goes on to share that after they broke up, her now ex-boyfriend called her one day to tell her he was going on a secret mission and that his phone would no longer work.

A few months later, Jenna received a text from her ex-boyfriend’s ostensibly dead phone with lyrics to their old song.

“I feel like at this point, I’ve done more investigative work than he ever has,” Jenna jokes.

Viewers spotted their own red flags

Viewers were shocked by Jenna’s story.

“He’s not an FBI agent, but he’s definitely married,” one viewer speculated.

“The FBI agent that doesn’t have social media but [does have] Hinge,” another viewer pointed out.

“Girl danced past every red flag available,” joked another TikToker.

With all the sleuthing she did, Jenna might just have a future as an FBI agent herself!

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