Woman's Attempt to Surprise Boyfriend with a Puppy Backfires in the Best Possible Way

Not all surprises go as planned. Just ask vet assistant @chelsearenee46 who attempted to surprise her boyfriend with the Basset Hound puppy he's wanted since he was a child. Don't get us wrong--he was very surprised--but Chelsea's plan backfired on her in the best possible way.

There's a good reason why this video has been seen over 23 million times on TikTok: it's so darn cute! It's also a very special day that this couple will always remember--though we have a feeling their followers will remember it too.

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OMFG! We can hardly believe that both Chelsea and her boyfriend had the same idea on the same day. And they both surprised one another with their childhood dream dogs! That, right there, is what true love looks like.

"This was a match made in heaven," agreed @taylorlutze. "I see your chocolate Lab and raise you a Basset Hound puppy!" That's pretty much how it went! We can't imagine this couple's shock as they realized what was going on, but one thing's for sure--these new puppies are loved so much already!

One commenter's story has us convinced that the best is yet to come for this fur family. As @thantlereddoeofficial shared, "I have a chocolate lab and a basset hound and they are best friends!! They will forever love each other." Considering how sweet both of these boys seem to be, we have a feeling the best is yet to come.

Now, their happy little family has not one, but two new additions.

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We couldn't imagine a more beautiful picture! Fred the Basset Hound and Beau--who's actually a Labradoodle--will have the time of their lives growing up together. And clearly, they have their parents wrapped around their paws!

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