Woman uses TikTok to find stranger with her perfect dress for wedding: 'I love this'

TikTok is at its best when it brings people together, but one woman’s viral post is taking that concept to a whole new level.

According to her TikTok bio, Charlotte Rose (@second.life.studio) is all about “creating/admiring/wearing thoughtfully made things.” She loves thrifting, knitting, repurposing old clothes, and doing whatever she can to prevent unnecessary spending.

She recently hopped onto the platform to pose a question she’d never really asked before: Does anyone out there have a dress she could rent for one night only?

She’s not just looking for any old dress, though — she’s looking for a specific dress she saw online in a size that she knows will fit.

“Do you own this dress in a size small?” Charlotte asks in her recent TikTok. “I’m going to a wedding on February 19th and I would love to rent it from you for one night.”

“I don’t want to buy anything new but I also don’t love the options in a lot of the dress rental places,” she continues. “So if you own it, let me know!”

Aside from the dress size, there is one other small caveat to her request: The person would need to live in the Toronto area, so she could easily meet up and grab the dress.

This sounds like a pretty tall order, considering that Charlotte is asking for a particular dress in a certain size in a very specific part of the world. But even so, TikTokers were rooting for her.

“Good luck finding the dress,” one person wrote. “Tiktok is sometimes lucky.”

“I wish I did so I could loan it to you!” said someone else.

“Uve reached South Africa,” another person wrote. “hope you find it!”

Incredibly, all those good vibes must have paid off. Within a matter of days, several people had responded to Charlotte’s TikTok saying that they had that dress in the right size — and they would love to lend it to her.

“Hey! I have the dress in small and I’m in the gta!” one person commented.

“I live in Toronto!” said another. “My mum has that dress in size small!”

Just one day later, Charlotte updated her followers to share the happy news: She secured the dress!

In her post caption, Charlotte couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Thank you so much to @Anisha Sekand for your generosity and to everyone that helped the video land on her FYP… she is literally one in a million!! YALL ARE MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE.”

The original video has more than 3.1 million views. While people are happy to hear that Charlotte eventually got her dress, many are also wondering if this whole TikTok dress rental could be the start of something great.

“Is this going to be Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress bc I’m here for it,” one person quipped.

“Wait. I love this idea!!!” said another. “SOMEONE MAKE AN APP!!!!”

“There actually should be an app for this,” someone else chimed in.

In response, Charlotte agreed, saying she might start an Instagram page devoted to this. In the meantime, TikTokers will continue to marvel at how this thrifty influencer scored her ideal wedding guest dress for a fraction of the price simply by putting the word out.

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