Woman under fire after calling out critics: ‘Seasoning police just sounds a little racist’

A woman on TikTok is under fire after calling out the critics of her most recent food video.

Zoe Barrie (@zoebarrie) is a food creator who posted a video of her making dinner for her family, which included chicken, beer bread and a vegetable-packed marinara sauce. She showed the step-by-step process, but some people weren’t happy with some of her choices.

She showed herself putting chicken into the pan, which some people had some comments about.

“Not a salt or pepper fleck?” asked @chantelly.

“A little salt and pepper to the chicken to get the bland meat flavor out but otherwise good,” said @that_girlnene.

Barrie responded to several such comments saying she used a heavy amount of salt on the chicken. However, she then proceeded to make a follow-up video addressing her detractors.

“This is a PSA to the seasoning police on this app,” she started. “If, in your brain, you only use seasonings as things like garlic powder, onion powder or something like rosemary … If this is what you view as seasoning and seasoning only, let me pose you a question: Where does this come from?”

Barrie continued defending her tactics in the kitchen.

“What is so funny to me is that if I had just doused my chicken in this rub and this rub alone, the seasoning police would be out of my comments.”

TikTok jokes about creators not seasoning their food are common, with the #seasonings garnering more than 687 million views.

Barrie is now facing criticism, as some users believe the term “seasoning police” was a euphemism for Black people.

“I just don’t know who the seasoning police are,” said @loammiririchardson. “I’m curious who is because the only people that I know season their food don’t look like her. …I don’t know. Seasoning police sounds a little racist.”

Richardson isn’t the only person to feel this way.

“Who’s the seasoning police bae,” said @theshelahmarie. “Say the quiet part out loud.”

People in the comments of her video felt the same way.

“It’s the same energy as when they say the “curly police” or whatever like we all know who you’re talking about. Just say it,” replied @terrordomes.

Barrie has yet to respond to the criticism, but the conversation around seasoning your food is in full swing.

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