Woman Turns 640-Square-Foot Home Depot Shed Into Fully Functioning Home

The enduring appeal in the so-called tiny house movement lies in both its inherent affordability and eco-consciousness, particularly when we live in a time with skyrocketing home prices and a burning planet. And one social media influencer managed to check with boxes with a utility shed purchased from Home Depot that she managed to turn into her "dream home."

U.S. Army veteran Sophie Hilaire, who describes herself as a "recovering masochist [living] on a Kentucky homestead, recently posted a video to Instagram giving viewers a tour of her living space.

"At long last… here’s the interior tour of my 16-foot by 40-foot shed conversion home, the Taj MaHoller!" Hilaire captioned the video. She writes that the project took her about 18 months to complete, "with many helping hands, and many competing priorities going on in parallel."

"I dove headfirst into this after living in my van for three years," she explained. "I wanted to empower myself through learning about construction, and to finally put down roots after being a lifelong, transient nomad."

Hilaire says that she's never owned a home before or built something that big with her own hands. "This home is more than a cute little nest. It’s my sanctuary, my safe haven, and my homestead," she added, giving out a shout to her "house chicken," Tootsie Pop, who she says really makes the space feel like home.

The inside is surprisingly spacious, given the home's humble beginnings. As you walk in, there's a dining area opposite a desk, with a living area in the center of the floor plan. Adjacent is a kitchen with a full-size refrigerator and a retro 1940s stove, with IKEA cabinets finished with the same plywood as the walls of the shed. On the opposite end of the shed, you'll find a bathroom that boasts a 100-year-old clawfoot tub, pre-composting toilet, sink, and even a washer and dryer.

The sleeping areas are situated in lofts above the main living space, and in addition to Hilaire’s bedroom, there is even a guest bedroom that features a skylight and a built-in closet.

After her original post went viral, Hilaire posted a follow-up that shows how the project came together.

Yes my friends, the Taj MaHoller really did start out as a shed!" she wrote. "Here’s a 1 minute recap of 18 months of part time work. I learned so much while building this, and could not have done it without my amazingly talented friends—some seen here, but not all."

Though she says in the video that she project ended up being tougher than she anticipated, clearly it all worked out in the end. But for those yearning for a tiny home of their own without having to put in the work, Amazon also sells them pre-fabricated for under $20,000. When you consider real estate prices and interest rates these days, it's still quite the steal.