Woman is turning household items into creative manicures with the help of TikTok

People on TikTok are seriously fascinated by an idea one woman shared after recently getting a manicure. And now, many of them are invested in what happens next.

A woman named Tori (@torig452) says she gets her nails done pretty regularly — in part because she likes it, but also because it prevents her from biting them. She usually shows her nail tech inspo from the internet during her visits, but recently decided to shake things up.

So instead, she brought in photos of various items from around her house that brought her joy. She just wasn’t prepared for how much she (or others) would love it.

In one of her recent TikToks, Tori shows off a quirky mug and a set of mix-and-match dishes with a red-and-white color scheme. She brought pictures of them to the nail salon, described what she was thinking to the nail tech and let her work her magic.

What she ultimately wound up with was a pretty unique and memorable design. In fact, she loved it so much that she decided to try it again the next time she went, and now the whole thing has turned into a series that she plans to continue.

Tori has since brought in a photo of a colorful, polka-dot-covered shower curtain and was amazed by what the nail tech did with it.

Now, Tori has opened up her TikTok page for suggestions, asking users what household items they think she should use as inspiration next.

So far, they’ve suggested using everything from her kitchen fridge to her sock drawer as inspiration, but a few people chimed in with some out-of-the-box ideas, too — like her tampons.

Before they knew it, she’d obliged, giving them the much-anticipated “Period Set.”

Now, TikTokers are letting their imaginations run wild with their suggestions.

“Different stages of banana ripeness,” one user requested.

“Spices from a spice cabinet,” another user wrote.

“Toilet paper patterns,” one user suggested.

Who knows what manicure is next for this creative nail lover!

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