Woman troubled after making discovery about her best friend and her boyfriend: ‘You have a right to be mad’

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A woman is freaked out after finding out her best friend and current boyfriend previously slept together.

She took to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for help. Her best friend fixed her up with her current boyfriend. But she recently found out they slept together beforehand. Now she is wondering why neither party told her about the fact.

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“I found out that my best friend slept with my bf,” she wrote. “She played matchmaker in us meeting and told me he was ’a friend’. It’s been six months, and I found out they had actually slept together (a few months before she introduced us).”

“I can’t help but to feel I’ve been kept in the dark. I talk about my relationship quite frequently to my best friend. And I sometimes talk about my best friend to my bf also.”

“I confronted her about it, and at first, she was nice and said it was really nothing, and they just remained friends instead. When I said I felt hurt she hadn’t told me, she went very defensive and said I had no right to ask her sexual history.”

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“My understanding is that it was just casual sex once or a few times at most. Do I confront my boyfriend? I know I can’t control his past, but I value honesty, and I’m hurt they both haven’t just mentioned it to me.”

Redditors thought something strange was definitely afoot.

“Yeah, you have a right to be mad. She literally set you guys up, and that’s a little weird,” a person wrote.

“It is quite plausible that he assumes you already knew, her formerly being your best friend and all,” a TikToker replied.

“She is not a friend, definitely not. And I’m not sure he is your boyfriend either, not when he lied about something that big. Confront him,” someone said.

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