Woman troubled by boyfriend’s reaction to her secretive shopping spree

A woman and her boyfriend are fighting over her shopping habits. She explained the dilemma on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. "I finally paid off my student loans after six years," she explained. "I haven’t bought any new clothes or shoes since high school to save money”. “So I’ve basically donated most of them and am starting to buy a professional wardrobe ... My boyfriend is annoyed when I bring home new things or wear them around him". “I try to hide them; or leave them in my car and bring them home after he’s gone to work and wear them then" . "I went out recently and brought a coat and Mary Janes back and didn’t hide them in time. He saw them and got mad because he believes I was spending frivolously”. “he told me if I was going to waste money I could help him pay down his debt. I’m annoyed because I worked hard to pay off my loans, and I’m finally getting to buy things I’ve always wanted”. "Major red flags. Your partner should be your cheerleader and [building] you up, not being jealous," one person commented