Woman tricks all 4 grandparents into drawing her new tattoo in viral TikTok: ‘What a beautiful memory to have forever’

A granddaughter got all of her grandparents to design her new tattoo without them knowing, and the footage is going viral.

Emily McNeill (@emilymcneill) gained nearly 12 million views and 15,000 comments when she uploaded the sweet footage to her TikTok account.

While we’ve seen shocked grandparents go viral before — like this 89-year-old who had no idea her nervous waiter was actually her son in disguise — Emily’s special tattoo and her grandparents’ awestruck reaction might go down in TikTok history.

In the video, Emily goes around to each of her four grandparents and asks them to draw a flower.

She doesn’t explain why, nor does she provide any special instructions. The grandparents all happily oblige — even if the request is an odd one.

After gathering all four flowers, Emily goes to a tattoo parlor, where she works with the artist to transfer and arrange the drawings.

When her tattoo is finished, she goes back to her grandparents to reveal the surprise — and their reactions don’t disappoint!

Thousands of TikTokers flocked to the comments to react to Emily’s sweet tattoo surprise.

“The fact you still have all four grandparents made me tear up. What a beautiful memory to have forever,” one user wrote.

“I’m crying. This is so sweet. What a fantastic way to always carry them with you,” another user shared.

“I lost all of my grandparents when I was still young. What a huge treasure you have,” commented another.

“Best original tattoo idea I’ve ever seen,” wrote one user.

“I HATE tattoos, but this is absolutely adorable. Imagine when they’re gone how lovely it will be. What a great idea,” shared another.

“This is awesome. You will have a little piece of them forever,” commented another.

Emily’s special way of honoring her grandparents is a sweet reminder to treasure every moment with the people we love.

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