Woman tips food delivery man $1,000 in parking garage

Lexy Burke, whose Venmo Challenge has taken TikTok by storm this year, surprised a Postmates delivery man with a $1,000 cash tip in an emotional Sept. 13 video". “thousands of people Venmo me $0.50, a dollar, whatever they can, so we can leave random massive tips,” she tells him. “So, we’re going to give you $1,000”. “What?!” the stunned delivery man replies. “Wait … I am shaking”. Burke then hands him the stack of bills and the pair hug it out. “I don’t know what to say,” he tells her before tearing up. Burke’s followers were, once again, in awe of the emotional moment brought on by the challenge, which has been an ongoing effort since May. “Omg my heart,” said another. “He needed this! Y’all consoling him is literally everything,” said another. “Absolutely love this”. Burke has already hosted 79 giveaways and is currently in the process of her 12th round of crowdsourcing. To be a part of it, all you need to do is Venmo her a bit of change so she can continue finding lucky and deserving recipients to tip