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Woman who thought she was on a kids’ roller coaster gets quite the surprise

One woman thought she was riding a kids’ roller coaster but was sorely mistaken after it plummeted several stories. Not only that, but viewers are confused as to how she had no idea that the massive ride wasn’t intended for children.

Amusement park rides aren’t always amusing for everyone. TikToker and 2020 winner of Australian Ninja Warrior Ben Polson (@ben.echo) found this out when his girlfriend rode a large, intense roller coaster that she thought was for kids. However, the video of the mishap has viewers wondering how she could have mistaken the ride for a children’s coaster.

The clip opens with a shot of Polson’s girlfriend excitedly waving at him from one of the roller coaster’s cars.

“My girlfriend thought she was going on the kids’ roller coaster,” Polson explains in the on-screen text.

The purple iridescent car carrying Polson’s girlfriend slowly makes its ascent up the tracks. After reaching the peak, the vehicle begins its descent before quickly stopping mid-start, forcing the passengers to absorb the height of the drop.

“She will never trust me again,” Polson mentions in the text overlay before the car inches forward into a rapid, stomach-churning descent at the end of the video.

“But you can see how high it is.”

According to Polson, his girlfriend still isn’t speaking to him, but viewers were curious as to how she didn’t understand that the ride wasn’t a kids’ roller coaster, considering its size.

“I mean… it doesn’t look like a kids roller coaster,” one user mentioned.

“But you can see how high it is. I’m confused why she didn’t question it,” agreed one TikToker.

Those familiar with this particular roller coaster also noted that the video began when Polson’s girlfriend was halfway through the ride, so she would have known that she wasn’t on a kids’ coaster based on the elements at the beginning.

“That’s the middle of the ride, though. She’s already gone through the ‘launch,’” one viewer explained.

“How? At the beginning, there’s a loop. I have been there,” shared another TikToker.

Perhaps looks can be deceiving when it comes to roller coasters.

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