Woman almost goes full 'crazy wife' after watching husband on Ring doorbell camera: 'Here's what happened'

A comedian shared a story on Instagram about the time she became suspicious of her husband after catching him answering a call on their Ring doorbell camera.

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Sara Buckley is a mom, comedian and podcast host who shares her misadventures and family life on her popular account @nottheworstmom. One of her most viral storytimes is about how she “caught [her] husband” after checking their Ring camera footage, and the clip has since accumulated over 1 million views.

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“Now I’m not a crazy wife,” she started, “but a couple [of] days ago, I almost went crazy for no reason. Here’s what happened.”

Buckley explained that she was in the grocery store while her husband was supposed to be at work when she got a notification from their Ring doorbell camera that someone was outside. Buckley checked the footage and saw it was her husband coming home from work.

“On the video, I noticed he answers his phone and it’s a woman on the phone and [the phone call] only plays for a quick second and there’s just something about the woman’s voice that seemed … awfully familiar,” Buckley said.

Buckley added that it “didn’t sound like a work call” so she felt taken aback while watching the Ring footage.

“That woman is way too familiar with my husband,” she said. “She answered the phone in a way that I wasn’t comfortable [with].”

Buckley said she decided to listen to the woman’s voice for the third time before she really reacted to what she was watching.

“Unfortunately, I was right,” she said. “[It] definitely wasn’t a work call, I was right about that. And it absolutely was a woman who was far too comfortable with my husband because it was f****** me. It was me on the phone.”

Buckley realized that the voice sounded familiar because it was her own voice calling her husband. Buckley hadn’t noticed that the Ring notification was from earlier and had actually captured a previous moment when she called her husband as he was coming home.

“Glad I double-checked though,” Buckley laughed at the end of the clip.

Fortunately, the situation was unlike other viral cheating realizations that happen over Instagram — like the one woman who ended things with her fiancé after noticing a suspicious detail on her Instagram account.

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