Woman tells TikTok her new friendship rule: ‘I’m down to like four friends’

Maintaining friendships can be tough, and this woman has a strategy for making sure all of her friendships are optimized.

Ana Marcks (@anamarcks) posted a video explaining her ratio rule to test the strength of her friendships.

“I have this new rule for friendship and it’s that if i’m the one to initiate hanging out 3 times in a row, then I will not be asking them to hang out again until they ask me to do something,” she said in her video.

Her concept wasn’t a far-fetched one to many of the people, and was something several people in the comments put to the test themselves. With over 300,000 views, there were plenty of people ready to chime in.

“I’m currently doing this and I haven’t heard from some people in a long time. I’m more peaceful this way,” said @regrettiupsetti.

“I haven’t talked/texted with so many college friends because I stopped being the one to reach out,” replied @mmarantz.

While many people agreed with this strategy, there were some that had some reservations about the rule — as they are usually the one not reaching out first.

“For some with social anxiety… (me) it’s super hard to initiate things like that. But it doesn’t mean we don’t reciprocate the relationship,” said @gitswifty.

Marcks understands those dynamics exist, but still believes in this method.

“I totally get that in any relationship between two people, usually one person is more of a planner and the other is more of a ‘Yeah, let’s do it,’ “Marcks said. “But I’m putting my foot down at three times because I’m just no longer willing to be in friendships and relationships that I don’t feel are reciprocated.

TikToker @laurenn2319 is one of the people that has a similar rule in their life, and they’ve seen clear results.

“I’m down to like 4 friends bc of this tbh.”

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