Woman taken aback by mom’s ‘narcissistic’ wedding plans: ‘It was a horrible thing’

Emerald Pellot
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A woman is furious that her mom chose to get married on her 30th birthday.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to explain why it’s such a problem. The woman is from a Mexican family and the 30th birthday is a significant cultural milestone. Her mother has a history of selfish behavior and the user felt this was no exception.

“It has a lot of cultural and religious importance to me and yes my mother was well aware of the meaning,” the user explained. “Background: my mother has often said and done quite awful selfish things. I went no-contact for a time but after I found out she had a major car crash, I reached out and she seemed to change. She apologized for the past hurt and we actually were getting along.”

Then her mother announced her wedding date.

“My mother told me that she is getting married and as a present to me she will be getting married on my 30th birthday and wants me to be her maid of honor,” the woman said. “That her getting married and giving me a stepdad is my present. I told her it was a horrible thing to do to steal such an important day away from me. That it’s narcissistic and refused to have anything more to do with her.”

Reddit users thought the mother was wrong.

“Who the hell gets married on someone’s birthday?” one person commented.

“She is clearly toxic and narcissistic,” another said.

“There are 365 days in a year and she chooses your day to get married. Nope,” someone commented.

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