Woman Surprising Her Parents with Her New Dog Is Too Beautiful for Words

Our hearts are bursting with joy.

There are several people out there who bring home pets as a surprise. We don’t know how they can keep a secret like that. We’d be telling everyone! But thankfully they do because the reactions of those being surprised are always priceless.

A recent one comes from TikTok user @the.roamingredhead. She rescued a dog from the Chinese meat markets without telling her family. Aww, that's already so sweet! After picking the dog up in Las Vegas, she went to surprise her parents and well, it’s absolutely amazing! Check it out!

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O.M.G. How sweet is this surprise!? Both of their reactions were priceless. We love that she said she needed help getting a chair out of the car and then boom, a dog! We’ll be jotting that down as an idea to surprise our parents with a dog one day. LOL!

“Your parents are like, ‘This is OUR dog now,’” commented @thefarmersdog. HA! We’d be the same way with such an adorable doggo. @bgdovin added, “Dad: ‘Do you speak Chinese?’ Clark is surely going to be spoiled! The amount of love you can tell they have for him.” That was SO cool that her dad just casually started speaking Chinese. Isn’t it amazing you can tell how they love Clark so much already from one little video? He was brought home into the perfect family.

Another TikTok user, @jennasontiktok, said, “He’s so immediately trusting of them even though he had been through so much. We don’t deserve dogs.” Right?! He immediately knew he was safe with her parents. Ugh, so cute!

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