Woman stirs controversy after sharing punishment for her teenage daughter’s ‘prank'

A mom is fed up with her TikTok-obsessed daughter, who took a prank way too far. She shared the incident on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. "Recently, our daughter shattered all our rules by pranking my 17-year-old son. Whilst my son was asleep, she walked into his room with his electric razor and shaved off a massive part of his hair”. “He was angry and immediately went into the bathroom to see the damage, where she came up behind him and shaved a large part off the back of his hair”. Her son, who struggled with image issues, is upset. "He puts a lot of effort into his hair and was devastated when this happened," the mom said. “My daughter was saying, 'it's just hair, and you're not even a girl. Get over it.' Which made me furious”. “We're taking away her phone and giving her a Nokia. We're also going to be taking away her laptop and only giving it back to work on homework … We're grounding her for the next year as well”. “We want her to realize the damage is not over with a simple apology, and his year has been ruined, and his mental health may well be down the toilet”. "Your daughter has obviously shown that she isn’t mature enough to have the responsibility of a phone and an audience," one person commented