Woman 'couldn't speak' after discovering unusual similarity between her and stranger: '[It's a] glitch in the matrix'

A woman was speechless after realizing a restaurant employee she’d never met before and who lives in an entirely different country had the exact same tattoos as her.

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Sinéad Harnett is a singer and songwriter from north London who recently performed in the Lights On Festival in Brooklyn. While at an undisclosed restaurant, presumably somewhere in the borough, Harnett said she realized that one of the employees working at the restaurant had the exact same tattoos as her, in the same spots.

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The video of her discovery was viewed almost 33 million times.

“I’ve just met — you’re serving my food,” Harnett says in the TikTok, “and we thought this was a lot.”

Harnett and the waiter put out their pointer fingers to reveal the same triangle tattoos on both fingers. They each have one upright triangle with a line through it and an upside triangle with a line through it, which could be representing air and earth elements, respectively.

“But then,” Harnett continues in the video, “there’s this.”

Then both Harnett and the waiter lift up their forearms to reveal feather tattoos in the same style — although Harnett’s is on her left arm, and the waiter’s feather is on his right arm.

“I don’t know what’s happening,” Harnett says. “Are you my twin?”

Harnett also apologized in the caption for seeming all over the place in the video.

“My speech was getting jumbled because WTF?” she wrote. “A man I’ve never met before who worked at the restaurant had the exact same tattoo as me!!!”

Commenters were enthralled with the interaction and tried to guess what it meant.

“People [don’t realize] the CHANCE of this happening is basically impossible,” someone said.


“Glitch in the matrix,” a commenter joked.

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