Woman sparks controversy after sharing reason for refusing to attend her son’s wedding: ‘He didn’t apologize’

A mom doesn’t want to attend her son’s wedding after how he treated her when she divorced his dad.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. When she divorced her cheating husband, her son blamed her for everything. He repeatedly took his father’s side. But now that the mom has money, the son wants her to attend his wedding.

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“So my son and DIL got engaged about 2yrs ago and a year ago i found out my husband has been cheating on me,” she explained. “I filed for divorce and since then my son and my DIL started supporting his father more and i found out the reason was that he’s funding the wedding.

“I was a SAHM but in the divorce i got about 80% of his everything and my son was extremely against it and tried to get me to back down, when i refused he called me a horrible mom and a wife, and the reason my father cheated was because nobody can live with me. After he said that my parents stopped supporting him. He blamed it on me.

“Divorce was finalised about 4mnths ago and one more thing was that, for tax reason his parents thats my inlaws inherited all their properties to me,” she said. “Now the value is in millions. Although it was disclosed in the divorce documents my ex didn’t check it and i didn’t knew its current value either. But now my son wants me to come to the wedding and help them as his father couldn’t afford to anymore.

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“I refused and told them to leave my property and never come back. Both of them yelled about how I’m the worst mother and an asshole for abandoning my own son. I seriously hate them and the way they treated me at my lowest. But now my mother is saying being a mother is all about forgiveness and that i should be the bigger person. And she also told me if i dont go to the wedding she wouldn’t either and if she doesn’t lots of other relatives won’t. Which is making me wonder if I’m the asshole.

“He didn’t apologise, he came with his fiance and told me his father couldn’t afford to help him anymore because of me so now it’s on me to help him. And id be invited if i promise i won’t make a scene,” she added in a comment.

“The way your son has treated you is dispicable,” a user replied.

“Your husband and kid treated you like a doormat,” another wrote.

“Sounds like your son is getting the wedding he deserves,” a person commented.

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