Woman slams sister-in-law for ‘ruining’ family Christmas plans: ‘Deal with the consequences’

A woman thinks she may have crossed a line with her stepsister regarding the family’s holiday dinner.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. Every year she hosts her mom, stepfather, her four stepbrothers and their partners for Christmas. It’s a costly undertaking, but she is one of the few family members with enough space to host everyone.

This year, her stepbrother George’s wife, Francesca, insisted on hosting instead. The issue is George and Francesca’s home is too small to fit the family, and the kitchen is too small to cook for so many people. The family didn’t want Francesca to host, but they politely agreed.

When Francesca became overwhelmed with the responsibilities, George and the rest of the family secretly begged the Reddit poster to host. She agreed, believing she was helping Francesca in the long run. Then Francesca sent her a furious message.

“She accused me of ruining her chance to finally be part of the family, and of lobbying to host Christmas so that I could embarrass her, which is not true,” the Reddit poster explained.

Francesca didn’t want to hear it. Now the poster is torn on how she should have handled the situation.

People thought the Reddit poster wasn’t wrong but everyone could have handled things better.

“Let her sink / swim and everyone else will have to deal with the consequences of not communicating their concerns with Francesca directly,” a user commented.

“You need George to sort this,” another wrote.

“The majority of family is the one who chose, and it it seems maybe the brother/her husband didn’t explain it to her very well,” someone added.

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