Woman slams Miami party bus for not letting her board because of her size

A 27-year-old woman is calling out a Miami-based party bus service for allegedly turning her and her friends away from an event they paid for because of her size. Fallon Melillo was visiting Miami with friends when they decided to buy tickets for a bus run by Spring Break Miami Party Service to take them to DAER Dayclub. The women paid for their tickets and, the day before the bus was set to take them to DAER, Melillo revisited the Eventbrite posting to double-check the meet-up spot, . only to read a since-deleted disclaimer that said, "No big girls allowed". Melillo and her group contacted DAER through a chat service on the club's website and were assured by a representative that it did not discriminate against people based on weight. They did not check with the promoter who had ordered them the tickets. On July 31, when they went to check-in, a man from the bus company took one of the women aside and said they couldn't board the bus. "I assume the gist of the conversation was because of how I looked," Melillo told In The Know. As Melillo further exposed in the video, fatphobia seems to be intrinsically linked to nightlife . Since posting, Melillo's video has been viewed over 500,000 times, and the comments speak for themselves — this isn't an isolated incident. "This happened to me five years ago when planning my sister's bachelorette," someone said. "Talk about it. Post about it. Make your experience known... Businesses need to be held accountable," Melillo said