Woman slams boyfriend for reusing ex's old engagement ring

A woman is questioning her entire relationship after her boyfriend proposed to her with

a ring originally meant for his ex.

The woman — who goes by Ringanon432

— posted about her dilemma in Reddit’s

“Am I The A******” (AITA) forum.

In her post, she explained that before

she and her boyfriend got together,

he was engaged to another woman.

“I immediately took it off and was like,

‘I don’t want a ring you bought for

someone else, it wasn’t meant for me'”.

“He got upset and said it didn’t matter,

because it’s not hers anymore, it’s mine”.

For the most part, Reddit agrees with Ringanon432 and says that reusing

an old ring is “ridiculous”.

However, some people said that

Ringanon432 was being “superficial”

in caring so much about the ring

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