Woman Shares Simple DIY Treat Recipe for Dogs With Itchy Skin

Do you have an itchy dog? Our puppy is an itchy girl, and it drives me crazy...and has to be frustrating for her too. If your dog has itchy skin, you won't want to miss this DIY dog treat recipe that The Z Cattle Dogs shared on Tuesday, April 16th. I can't wait to make it!

This dog mom shared a quick and easy recipe that requires no cooking. You simply blend up the ingredients in a blender, pour them into treat molds, then freeze them. At the end she gives one to her dogs and they seem to be pet approved!

These sound so easy to make and seem to be a hit...I'll definitely be making them! Z Cattle Dogs fans left nearly 200 comments, most thanks her for sharing the recipe. @Katie shared, "You’re going to save my sanity with my French Bulldog! LOL! He gets itchy and makes me crazy when he scratches constantly!" I feel the same way! @elh835 added, "Love these! Make sure your bone broth doesn't have garlic, onion, etc. in it." Z Cattle replied, "This one is made for dogs." I thought it was a good reminder since garlic and onions are dangerous for dogs to eat.

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How To Help Calm Your Dog's Allergies

We took our puppy to the vet and learned that just like me, she was probably experiencing environmental allergies, which explained the itching. It could also be from fleas, and the vet explained that even though you don't find or see any on your dog, it doesn't mean that they aren't there.

If your dog has allergies, there are some home remedies you can try that might help them without having to head to the vet. They're worth trying if like me, you'd prefer to avoid having to put them on medication. An over-the-counter shampoo is a good place to start - we use an oatmeal-based Luvsome anti-itch dog shampoo and it's been a lifesaver.

These DIY allergy pops are like a treat, and can be alleviate symptoms, too. Spritzing your pup in apple cider vinegar can help with itching, and just like with people, a daily teaspoon of local honey can also help with some allergies. Coconut oil may help with seasonal allergies, too. That's why the recipe in this video is one I can't wait to try - it has all of those ingredients in it!

Another easy fix could be as simple as using an air purifier or humidifier in your home. I haven't tried it yet but it's on my list. Both items help to remove things floating around in the air, which are a common cause of allergies.

If worse comes to worse and you have to see your vet, allergy shots and other medications are an option, though they may be more costly than these do-it-yourself efforts. They're worth a shot before having to resort to shots!

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