Woman shares nightmare hair salon experience

A woman took to TikTok to share the nightmare dye job she received from a professional stylist. the results left her fellow users equally shocked. The video shows the Pinterest- worthy inspiration she was looking for when she set out to get "balayage," . a highlighting technique in which the stylist paints hair directly instead of painting foils for a more natural, blended color. What she received was far from natural-looking, though. The photo showed yellowy-blond, rectangular chunks of uneven color in her long, dark brown hair. She said the stylist messed up so badly, they had to cut off six inches of her waist-length hair. "I think she really thought she did a good job". She and the stylist argued for a couple of days, and she said it was difficult for her to get her money back, but ultimately things turned out OK. Commenters were shocked that any professional could mess something up so badly. "I'm a stylist, and I'm honestly impressed by how bad she did," one user said. "Horrible customer service I tell ya," another wrote