Woman's 'mortifying' misunderstanding with personal trainer leaves TikTok 'crying': 'I would literally quit'

A woman on TikTok has joked that she might have to end her fitness journey early after she had an uncomfortable misunderstanding with her personal trainer (PT) that left viewers “crying” with laughter.

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TikTok loves rehashing embarrassing stories. In April, one woman went viral after revealing how she accidentally sent a private video to her mom. A newlywed in March then noticed her naked reflection in a wine glass only after she’d posted it to Instagram.

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In this situation, TikTok user Gemma Hill explained in her upload that her new PT had asked her to take “before” photos in her underwear, where she wasn’t sucking in or posing for good angles — just an “honest” photo of her starting point to compare her progress against.

Hill did just that and then sent them to the trainer — except he didn’t actually ask for them. Hill shared the awkward text exchange on TikTok.

“Hey, sorry Gem, I meant take photos for yourself, not to send to me,” the trainer replied to her photos.

“OMG I’m so sorry,” Hill responded. “I thought I was meant to send them to you. How embarrassing. I’m so sorry.”

“Lol, no, I don’t ask clients to send me pictures in underwear,” the PT said.

“How do I go back?” Hill captioned the TikTok, which has now hit over 156,000 views.

Commenters absolutely loved the story.

“Mortifying,” one person wrote.

“Second-hand embarrassment!” another added.

“I would literally quit all my sessions,” someone else said.

Apparently, some professionals need to be clearer with their instructions.

“I once had a therapist tell me to write a letter to someone I was angry with,” a commenter posted. “I did and mailed it. Apparently, you’re not supposed to mail those.”

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