Woman Shares Heartbreaking Reminder That Every Rescue Dog Has a Story

It's hard not to wonder where they came from.

Adopting or rescuing an animal can be really difficult. It may take these animals some time to adjust. They can be hesitant, scared and nervous. So as owners of these rescues, it's important to remember what TikTok user @kristenmarkowski shared.

In this video, she's sitting down with a rescue dog who is nervous to be around her. She writes that animals can't share their stories of what happened to them previously. That's why it's critical to have patience. And you can see how far patience goes in this clip. Check it out.

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Wow, this video is truly a great reminder for us all. Animals who are rescued come with a past that we may never know what happened. All animals should be treated with respect, and especially rescues. They need the extra love.

"Omg when she reached her paw out. Sweet girl," wrote @roxmonson. The sweetest baby we've ever seen! You can see she wanted some love and attention but was so scared. We just want to hold her and let her know no one is ever going to hurt her again! @elguajedexixon said, "What a sweet girl. She's ready to love someone again." And we know someone is more than ready to love her! @u64_1 added, "She's on the road to better days for sure." We believe that wholeheartedly.

@tardiffmd22 commented, "It physically hurts me to see animals frightened. Thank you to everyone who rescued an animal." Same. No animal should ever feel frightened. They should only know the love that millions want to give them!

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