Woman shares genius hack for finding name-brand cosmetics at the Dollar Tree

TikToker and makeup artist Tiffany’s (@tiffanytonimua) Dollar Tree tip for scoring name-brand cosmetics for a fraction of the cost is like a makeover for your wallet.

Tiffany knows how to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank, as shown in a series of clips where she shares her best bargain-hunting tips and tricks. Recently, Tiffany posted a video demonstrating her clever hack for finding name-brand cosmetics at your local dollar store, and viewers are taking notes.

The clip opens with a shot of rows upon rows of makeup hanging on the beauty display shelf at a Dollar Tree.

“Whenever you see packaging like this, just plain black and white, pay attention because it’s actually a name-brand product,” Tiffany’s audio narration explains over a close-up shot of her showing a L’Oréal Paris label on the side of a lip gloss box.

In the following footage, Tiffany shows the same product at another store priced at $12.99 before mentioning that “it’s only $1.25 at the Dollar Tree.”

TikTok viewers share their own tips

Viewers thanked Tiffany for the money-saving tip, while others shared some goodies they scored from their local dollar stores.

“Yes, ma’am. Folks laugh because I will pop into the dollar store to check for stuff. Thank you for your post,” one user commented.

“They’re [also] not usually expired. It’s more common to be overstock, last season’s temporary colors that didn’t sell well, etc.,” informed one TikToker.

“I love searching for bargains at the Dollar Tree. I found glass nail files. They are $8 on Amazon,” one viewer shared.

“The makeup is my section at Dollar Tree, so I always make it look extra nice and put the GOOD stuff at eye level,” mentioned one helpful employee.

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