Woman shares eerie video of 'haunting' in her home's basement

A Canadian woman who claims her house is haunted shared a creepy video on TikTok purportedly showing the restless spirits in action.Kathy Gallinger, who lives with her husband Jamie and daughter Jayden in Quinte West, Ontario.videotaped an alleged paranormal encounter while she was home alone.“Ok, guys, I’m hearing noises in the basement like the drums,” she says in the clip, which has since been viewed over 3 million times.As Gallinger stands at the top of the stairs leading to the home’s finished basement, the drums can be heard playing in the background.“Hello?” she calls out while panning around the room, noting that the drumsticks somehow ended up on the ground.Suddenly, a painting behind the phantom drum set falls to the ground, clashing against one of the cymbals and sending Gallinger sprinting back up the stairs.Whether or not any spirits were involved in the making of Gallinger’s video, it certainly freaked out TikTok users.Gallinger has been documenting her family home’s alleged poltergeist for months now on social media

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