Woman shares allergic reaction to eyelash extensions

A TikToker shared her allergic reaction to fake eyelashes after the technician used glue she was allergic to — and then compared her swelling to a blobfish in the video. for this story, the TikTok user actually went to a professional. The user, Adelaide Elizabeth, recalled in her video that she knew she was allergic to eyelash glue, but she still went to the salon anyway to get eyelash extensions. After sitting through the technician applying each individual lash to her eye, Elizabeth paid and left the store. Then, the reaction hit her — hard. In the TikTok, Elizabeth shared photos she took after the reaction had spread across her face, captioning it "HAHAHA LOL". In the image, she had huge bags under her eyes, and her eyelids had swollen up. She put the picture side-by-side with a photo of a blobfish to poke more fun at herself. One commenter asked what we were all wondering: "If you knew you [were] allergic to the glue, why would you have it done?"