Woman is saved by Uber Eats driver after locking herself out on roof: ‘Hope you tipped that man well’

One New York City woman recently documented what happened after accidentally locking herself on the roof of her apartment building — and the internet is applauding the genius way she managed to get “saved” in the knick of time.

Maggie (@voss_maggie) shared the slightly terrifying ordeal in a recent TikTok, which now has over 9.7 million views.

“I got locked on my roof, and nobody’s available to come help me out,” she says to the camera while sitting alone on the empty roof.

But instead of panicking, the TikToker thought through other ways she could find someone to help her.

She didn’t call close friends and family or even the police; instead, Maggie decided to order Uber Eats to ensure that someone would be sent to the apartment building. To make extra sure the person would find their way to her, she wrote explicit directions before submitting her order.

“I put in the instructions that you have to just buzz every apartment until someone lets you in, and then, you have to come up to the roof and let me out,” she shares.

Turns out, it worked like a charm.

After an unspecified amount of time had passed, the door to the roof suddenly opened and out popped Jeffrey, the Uber Eats driver.

“Thank you!” Maggie says as she takes the food from Jeffrey and starts back down the stairs. In the video text, she even goes so far as to call him “my king!”

“5 stars and a good tip for Jeffrey the best uber eats delivery in Manhattan,” Maggie later wrote in her post caption.

Moments later, we see her lounging on her couch eating the burrito she was delivered, and all seems to be well again.

“I call that a win,” the text reads before the video cuts out.

In the comments, people immediately praised Jeffrey for his valiant efforts.

“Hope you tipped that man well,” one user wrote.

Others praised Maggie for being kind of a genius.

“Improvise adapt overcome,” one person wrote. “Modern problems modern solutions.”

“This is just NEXT LEVEL thinking,” said someone else. “Brilliant!”

“One of the top minds of our generation,” another added.

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