Woman’s rescue cat scared to come out from under the bed after owner leaves unexpectedly

A woman and her cat, Nala (@nala_meets_world), went viral after Nala was scared to come out from under the bed.

In her video, the woman says that she had to leave the house unexpectedly and when she came back, Nala wouldn’t come out.

“She looked so terrified, like she didn’t even recognize me,” she wrote in the post. “I haven’t seen her like this since I brought her home as a feral cat two years ago.”

Nala’s owner used the cat’s favorite treats and toys to try and lure her out, but nothing was working.

This is not the first time Nala has gone viral on TikTok. She has over 439,000 followers on TikTok and has received over 1 million views several times. This video in particular garnered over 5 million views, and many people from the community were also concerned about her well being.

“Poor girl, she’ll be ok once she realizes you’re not leaving again, it tears me apart every time I have to leave my cat alone,” said @spicyaltgirlrj.

“It’s so sad that we can’t explain these things to them,” replied @rain_some_more.

By the end of the original video, Nala was making progress, but still had room to get back to normal.

“Still very nervous, but getting better,” Nala’s owner wrote in the post.

Following the first post, there were a handful of follow-up videos giving updates on Nala.

“Nala had a hard day the other day, but shes perfectly fine now,” her owner wrote in the caption. “For those who are wondering what may have happened, we found a small canvas had fallen off the wall near our cat shelves and it may have fallen on her or made a loud noise, so that may have been the cause of her frieght.”

In the subsequent videos, Nala was playing around the house and seemed to be getting back to normal, which gives a happy ending to a scary moment.

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