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Woman quits job after boss tells her to ‘cover all your body’: ‘That’s discrimination’

A TikToker says she quit her job after her employer fat-shamed her.

Posting as @abigaylecanterbury, she explained what happened in a video. She got a job at a smoke shop because of its lax attitude. She noticed that the girls who worked there could wear whatever they wanted.

Her boss didn’t tell her of any dress code during the hiring process. But when she wore a crop top to work, her boss had some choice words for her.

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“I got dress-coded at this job that does not have a dress code. Make that make sense. You can’t,” she explained. “Something that’s important to note is that I am the only plus-size female that they had working.”

“I’ve never been in one of their locations and seen a bigger girl working. It’s always been very small, petite girls. And they always wore whatever they wanted.”

She received a text message from a coworker telling her the business owner saw her outfit and said, “please dress [in] something nicer and cover the stomach.” When she asked for clarity about dressing “nicer,” the coworker replied, “just cover all your body. That’s what he means.”

After asking other female employees who dressed the way her employer had dubbed “inappropriate,” she discovered none of them had any dress code trouble. Eventually, it became clear that the owner was singling her out because of her body type and that it was best to part ways.

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Many TikTokers could, unfortunately, relate to the situation.

“Yea as a woman that’s been thin and plus-size, I can definitely tell the difference in how I was treated. They were so nice to me when I was thin,” a TikToker replied.

“I had the same problem at a job. They said shorts and t-shirts were fine. I did it, and I got coded all the time. They fired me,” another added.

“That’s discrimination,” a person wrote.

“I knew where this was going. I’m so sorry. People haven’t accepted the space we take up yet. Keep your head up, beautiful!” a user said.

“I had a VERY similar experience with my old job. Plus size, too,” someone commented.

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