Woman pays $300 for bad haircut and roasts herself: ‘I look like I’m on the PTA’

After a bad haircut and a lot of tears, a woman couldn’t help but roast herself.

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The TikToker @icarlyreboot didn’t get the version of the haircut she requested. Instead, she got a look that felt more “Mrs. Pumpkin” to her. The strawberry blonde bob may have been exactly what someone else wanted, but for the influencer, it was a look she was trying to avoid.

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“I just paid $300 to look like a f****** Karen,” she said tearfully. “I look like I’m on the PTA. I swear I don’t drive a f****** minivan. I look like I have three sons who play f****** T-ball. I look like I collect coupons. Oh god!”

Half-laughing and half-crying, she then began to practice the signature line associated with “Karens” everywhere: “I need to speak to your manager.”

The name “Karen” has recently become associated with older white women who weaponize their privilege to damage others who have less privilege.

The TikToker then burst into another laugh and cry spell before pleading, “Why does god f****** hate me?!”

The hilarious video racked up 5.8 million views on TikTok.

“$300? I’d be crying too. But I think your slaying that bob, sis,” someone commented.

“Whenever I feel down, I pull up this TikTok, and I feel better,” a person wrote.

“It’s French,” another joked.

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