Woman painstakingly restores little girl’s beloved stuffed animal: ‘Protector of the night once more’

A stuffed animal restorer got TikTokers emotional by mending a little girl’s beloved plush toy.

Danielle runs Fluff Restoration, an independent business that repairs old plush toys. She usually shares some of her process of sprucing up old bunnies and bears on TikTok. However, one video of her restoring Magic, a stuffed wolf, is going viral for the way Danielle handled the toy with care.

“I knew it was going to be an amazing restoration,” Danielle said. “This is Magic. Magic suffers from floppy neck syndrome [and] has some of the weariest eyes I’ve ever seen.”

The toy wolf looked worn for wear, but that only meant he was a great companion.

“That just tells me that Magic did his job of protecting his best friend Chloe every single night since the day she was born,” she said.

Danielle knew she had to get the stuffed animal into “tip-top shape” for Chloe.

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First, she thoroughly cleaned Magic and let him air dry. Next, Danielle gave him some extra filling. However, Chloe didn’t want to get rid of all of Magic’s neck floppiness, nor did she want to update his eyes. The most time-consuming part was restoring his matted fur to make him “fluffed up” again.

After she finished, Danielle gave him a new collar so that Magic could return home to Chloe and be “protector of the night once more.”

The moving video racked up 39.4 million views and over 6 million likes on TikTok.

“I would literally trust you with my life,” someone wrote.

“This video had no right making me cry this hard,” another commented.

“I’m so glad he got to keep his eyes he’s been looking at Chloe with his whole life,” a person said.

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