Woman narrowly escapes alleged intruder while filming TikTok video

Hannah Viverette was in her living room dancing around when she heard a strange noise coming from her balcony. When she walked over to investigate, she apparently realized that a stranger had climbed up onto her balcony in order to break in. “Oh f***. Who are you?” Viverette can be heard saying to the stranger. When the stranger refused to leave, Viverette grabbed her phone and knocked on her neighbor’s door. They let her in, no questions asked. “Scariest moment of my life,” Viverette noted in the caption of the video. In a Facebook post, she revealed more details about the “absolutely unreal” moment. According to Viverette, she had seen the man “almost daily” around her apartment complex. He had even made “many uncomfortable advances” at her. Thanks to the TikTok video, police were able to locate and identify the man: Angel Moises Rodriguez-Gomez. Though local news outlets report that he was charged with burglary and stalking, he was released on bond and is still awaiting trial