Woman Miraculously Reunited With Her Pet Cat After 10 Years Apart

When Mr. Mojo the black cat first disappeared from his owner, Erin's house, she searched tirelessly to find him. Unfortunately, none of the flyers, phone calls, or shelter visits paid off. She looked for two years before adopting two other cats, but recently--10 years after Mojo's disappearance--she got a life-changing phone call.

Charleston Animal Society had Mojo in their care, ready to be picked up. It was only after the cat had been picked up by animal control and brought to the shelter that the long-lost friends were able to reunite.

How amazing is that? We can't imagine Erin's shock and joy when the shelter's Chief Lifesaving Officer, Pearl Sutton told her where her rescued kitty was. In fact, she rushed right down to the shelter! Judging by the pictures, it sure seems like a happy reunion for both. Though we can't help but wonder--what kind of life did Mr. Mojo have for the last 10 years?

The formerly missing cat had failed to return home one night after being let outside. He had been an indoor and outdoor cat, and always returned, but for some reason this time was different. Erin and Mojo had recently moved in with "a dog who Mr. Mojo despised," so it's possible that could've affected the black cat.

That dog has since passed on, and now Mojo can go home with Erin and his feline sibling, Mahi. Mahi was just a kitten when Mojo ran off, so we wonder if they'll remember each other! Mr. Mojo's human sister, who was only 13 when the cat ran away, must be ecstatic at the return of her childhood friend. We know we would be!

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