Woman's makeup mirror nearly starts house fire: 'It ignited'

A woman was stunned when her leather couch began to smoke for an unexpected reason.

TikToker Lydia Cooke went viral with footage of her sizzling brown sofa. The couch was parked near a window the curtains opened. The sunlight was powerful enough to heat up the fabric, which caused quite a safety hazard.

“I was today years old when I learnt how house fires can start,” the video text read.

A ray of sunlight honed into one spot on the leather couch. The spot started to smoke and sizzle as if it were about to catch fire. Cooke swatted the spot with her hand. Then she turned the cushion over.

In a follow-up, Cooke later explained that the sunshine had actually reflected off a small makeup mirror to cause the incident.

The video received over 19 million views on TikTok.

“Mirrors. Glasses. Eye glasses. Anything with a reflective surface can pinpoint to a hot point,” a user said.

“I love how you’re slapping it away because that would’ve been my exact reaction,” another wrote.

“Soooo no one else played with a magnifying glass and leaves as a kid…,” a person commented.

“A friends house caught fire from a drinking glass left out on the porch reflected onto a garbage bag and it ignited!” someone shared.

“Have had this happen but on a dining chair… now I never leave house without putting blinds down,” a TikToker replied.

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