Woman makes horrific discovery after receiving unusual message

A woman said she received an unusual message that left her horrified. TikTok user @kimbreezeh said her phone flashed an alert that said an AirTag was detected in her area — and she had no idea where the tracking device might have come from. She showed her followers the screen that indicated that the device had been tracking her location to show her going home and going to the gym. She then went to a police station to file a report, but said the officers told her that what had happened was not illegal. The user then stated that this TikTok is serving as a public record that someone seems to be following her, so if something happens to her, there is evidence that millions of people will see. "This is definitely the scariest thing thats ever happened to me," she noted in the caption of her post. Most of the commenters on @kimbreezeh's post noted their disgust that law enforcement allegedly could not help her out, but one recommended that she tap the notification to make the AirTag play a sound. That way, she should be able to find hard evidence of the alleged stalking