Woman learns someone is illegally renting out her dad’s house: ‘This should be a Netflix documentary’

A woman on TikTok shared a bizarre sequence of events that commenters have likened to a Netflix documentary.

Erica (@sillysloth66) posted a video to the platform claiming her father’s home was illegally rented out on Airbnb.

“I’m at work, and I was just informed by my dad’s HOA that his house was found on Airbnb and that it is a violation against their HOA bylaws,” she begins. “Now, my dad’s house has been empty for the past two years cause he’s been out of the country, stuck, due to his visa during COVID. Of course, they don’t have permission from my dad, who’s not even here.”

According to Erica, “there’s no Airbnb allowed in this community.” Her dad’s property is in Aliso Viejo, a city in Orange County, California.

Erica reached out to Airbnb, receiving a response that her message would be forwarded “to the appropriate team.”

Little is known about the person responsible for posting Erica’s father’s home on the vacation rental platform — other than the fact that they go by the name “Alice.”

In a follow-up video, Erica says the Airbnb listing has since been removed. She mentions that her father is also working with a real estate lawyer to figure out “who these ‘tenants’ are” and to see “what rights they actually have.”

After calling the Aliso Viejo police, Erica was allegedly told that this was more of a civil matter. Since she is not the owner of the house, Erica notes, she does not have the right to go to the property and change the locks on her father’s behalf.

“Basically, they also said that the police, as well as the DA’s office, is kind of overwhelmed in Orange County with instances of squatters, fraudulent activities, fake leasing and selling of the house,” she says.

“This is SCARY. I am so sorry this is happening to your dad”

In a separate video, Erica provides even more details. It turns out her father shares ownership of the house with his wife, who is allegedly missing.

“My dad shares the title of the house with his wife. Again, not my mom,” she claims. “His wife has been ‘missing,’ and it’s quote-unquote missing because she has made herself disappear. Nobody can contact her, tried serving her. Common friends, family members have all been cut off.”

Erica alleges that the woman her father married is “still a 50% owner of those titles.”

“If she did rent it out to potential tenants even without my dad’s permission or knowledge, those tenants technically have done nothing wrong, and they have rights to be in that house — if that’s what the lease states.”

Erica’s father owned another property with his wife in Irvine, California.

“We’ve discovered through the Orange County recorder’s office that there was at one point a lien taken out against the house for $60,000 signed by my dad and his wife.”

However, Erica alleges that this was impossible.

“That signature happened during a time where my dad was nowhere in the United States, nowhere in California. For some reason, his signature showed up on that short-term deed, and it was notarized by someone in Texas.”

Afterward, her dad’s power of attorney was signed over to someone else. Erica claims this took place without his consent.

“With that, his wife and that person now with his power of attorney signed over and sold that house.” Erica adds, “This has basically escalated into forgery and real estate fraud.”

As Erica continues to speak out, commenters have grown more invested in the matter.

“I feel like I’m going down the rabbit hole,” wrote @corabrei.

“Yoooo this should be a Netflix documentary,” said @pricha__1.

“This is SCARY. I am so sorry this is happening to your dad,” commented @hi_itsmemeg.

Erica’s father’s ongoing saga highlights the complexities surrounding squatters’ rights and real estate fraud. Hopefully, her family will be given some clarity on this bizarre situation soon.

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