Woman learns she has cancer from photo at tourist attraction

41-year-old Bal Gill visited Camera Obscura & World of Illusions in Edinburgh, Scotland, during a family vacation in 2019. During her visit, Gill visited the museum’s thermal imaging camera room. According to the museum, the thermal camera offers guests “the chance to see just how hot, or cold you are”. “As all families do, we entered and started to wave our arms and look at the images created,” she said. “While doing this I noticed a heat patch (red in color) coming from my left breast”. After Gill and her family returned home to England, she decided to do some digging on the possible significance of the hot spot. “I searched on Google to see what this could mean and I saw a lot of articles about breast cancer and thermal imaging cameras”. “I made an appointment with the doctor and as it turns out I do have breast cancer, thankfully really early stages”. “without that camera, I would never have known,” she said. “I know it’s not the intention of the camera but for me, it really was a life-changing visit”