Woman kicks mother-in-law out for forcing 10-year-old daughter to eat the ‘one food she dislikes’

A woman kicked out her mother-in-law for cooking the wrong foods.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her 10-year-old daughter Susie will eat anything besides mushrooms. Her mother-in-law lives with them and cooks dinner most nights for Susie. The poster and her husband work in the medical field and don’t have time to cook every day.

On the first night she and her husband had off together and could cook dinner, Susie made a startling confession. The mother-in-law was purposefully feeding her mushroom-based meals (such as mushroom pasta, mushroom burgers and mushroom risotto) to force her to eat them.

“These dishes aren’t made when either myself or my husband are around, but when we aren’t that’s all Susie is served to eat,” she wrote.

When Susie refuses to eat, the mother-in-law sends her to bed hungry.

“She started going off saying that Susie needs to grow up and get over this stupid hatred of mushrooms,” the mom wrote. “I told her that she’s essentially starving her granddaughter. She disagreed and said it’s tough love.”

So she kicked the mother-in-law out of the house. Now the mother-in-law is sending her horrible messages non-stop.

“Your MIL doesn’t understand that it’s perfectly okay to have different tastes than someone else,” a person wrote.

“Your MIL is deliberately tormenting your child,” another said.

“Her ability to have a free place to live was reliant on her ability to provide safe care for your daughter. She failed to do so,” a user commented.

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