Woman issues ultimatum after tense argument with roommate: ‘Are you serious?’

A woman is upset her roommate won’t let her live with her boyfriend. She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share what went down. “I basically sat her down, told her that I wanted to start living with my boyfriend full-time,” the girlfriend wrote. “I understood that she might not be comfortable living with another person and that in that case, I would move out to go live with him”. But the roommate did not approve of either option. “She can’t afford to live in our apartment by herself and she doesn’t want to seek out a new roommate … And she doesn’t want to have my boyfriend come live with us”. “Basically, she wants everything to stay the same. We got to arguing and she said I was betraying her for a man”. The forum submission was somewhat polarizing. Users couldn’t really decide whose side to be on. “You’re the a****** 100 percent if you are breaking the lease,” one user said. “You have your own life to live and nobody should have to sacrifice their pursuit of happiness for another,” someone added