Woman Hysterically Re-enacts Relatable Issue for Drivers Who Like to Sing in the Car

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Sorry, we just have a lot of feelings!

For those of you who like to put on full-blown performances while driving, well, you likely know the trouble it can lead to. 

Missing your turn, drifting into the grooves in the shoulder, or even offending other drivers are all on the table. It seems TikTok user @miyaacacia knows that struggle all too well

In a video uploaded earlier this week, she re-enacted the latter with perfect accuracy, leaving all car rock stars feeling seen. 

The video started with a few seconds of silence, as though you're watching the driver from outside the car. Her hands fly emphatically through the air as her mouth seemed to move a mile a minute, but her words couldn't be heard at all. 

"POV the car in front of me thinks I'm cussing them out," text overlaying the video read, before the sound flipped on to show that she was actually just jamming along to the radio.

"T swift brings out the aggressor in me 😅," she wrote in the caption, and her performance of Taylor Swift's "White Horse" proved that to be true as she appeared to gesture violently at something or someone out the windshield, motioning so hard she even accidentally flipped the windshield wipers on. 

Commenters could only relate, sharing their own instances of too-intense karaoke sessions—particularly where Swift is concerned. 

"I re-fractured my hand punching the dash when trying to show the 10 minute version of all too well to my best friend, worth it," one shared.

"Lmaooo I've had people roll down windows and flip me off bc they thought I was yelling at them😂😂😂," revealed another. 

"Someone in front of me once pulled off to tell a cop I was road raging behind her but I was just bopping to taylor," another said. 

See? We don't have road rage; we just have a lot of feelings!

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