Woman hands out ‘dating resumes’ to potential suitors at Costco, Trader Joe’s and beyond: 'She's her own wingman'

TikToker Emily Zgoda (@crazyauntemily) hands out “dating resumes” that include her photo, hobbies and interests to prospective dates, and her genius method has inspired viewers to be more daring about dating.

The quest for love is a serious business for some people. Just ask Zgoda, who recently went viral for her series of TikTok videos in which she hands out “dating resumes” to potential suitors. Zgoda told Buzzfeed in an interview that she always preferred meeting people “organically,” in person instead of online through dating apps, and figured her resume idea would facilitate her hope of finding a partner IRL.

Not only are Zgoda’s efforts wildly entertaining, but viewers also applaud her bold approach to finding “the one.”

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The premiere clip, captioned “She’s her own wingman,” opens with a shot of Zgoda in a parking lot walking toward a Costco.

Zgoda gives viewers a glimpse of one of her “resumes,” which features a picture of her posing with two green leprechaun hats before flipping it over to reveal her information on the back. For this particular “resume,” Zgoda wrote that she’s looking for a man who shares her love of St. Patrick’s Day.

The clip cuts to a shot from inside Costco.

“You know where we gotta find ‘em,” Zgoda notes in the on-screen text as the camera zooms in on the large “meat” sign.

Finally, upon her arrival at Costco’s meat section, she spots a “lucky man” and hands him her “resume.”

Beyond brave

Zgoda’s video series, which documents her handing out her photo “resumes,” has garnered significant online attention, with viewers praising the bachelorette for her gutsy dating approach.

“The bravery is immaculate,” one user commented.

“I’m obsessed! Your fellow 27-year-old Emily(e) is a HUGE fan! I’m inspired,” shared another TikToker.

“I LOVE this idea! Especially as someone who doesn’t do dating apps,” one viewer complimented.

Other “scouting locations” where Zgoda has looked for potential suitors include the entrance to the men’s bathroom at a baseball game, Trader Joe’s and a Home Depot.

With her “dating resume” series entering its second season, Zgoda has yet to find her special person. In the meantime, she’s enjoying her newfound TikTok fame.

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